Alas, I'm Attempting to Alliterate

I dragged Scarlet kicking and screaming into C++ a decade or so ago with object-orienting it and tidying up some memory issues. I've now decided that I wanted to work on getting std::strings, std::vectors and some other optimisations into it, and that I wanted Visual Studio to help me. Call it practise with upgraded C++.

This first meant getting VS to be happy working with the code. I don't intend to run the code in Windows, just make use of Intellisense to help me, flawed as it is. I always prefer a GUI to command-line control, so really didn't want to pick out masses of compiler errors via gcc if I could avoid it. I'm clearly very familiar with Windows.

I added the code to a VS solution and hit Build to see how much pain there would be. The linux-only functions were #defined out, and some #includes were re-arranged for the #ifdef WIN32 build, as well. There were also a few global char *s constants that needed to be const char*s. Well, eventually they'll be std::strings, but I wanted to alter the word-parsing first, and want to go one step at a time. Tempting as refactoring the whole solution at once would be, I'm aware of the benefit of doing one change, making sure it works, and then doing another one. I wanted to just get it compiling in VS first.

With the #includes working, I started work on making a std::string parser using std::stringstream into a std::vector of std::strings. This was soon typedeffed. Then came the changing of passing the resulting std::string into a char* arguement to passing it into a const std::string & which I reason will be backward compatible, so an easy change.